Friday, February 13, 2009

Suzuki SX4-FCV Hydrogen based Fuel

Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) announced that their people will follow the manufacturers to make cars with alternative energy. The car will be exhibited at the 2008 Paris Motor Show next month. For this, Suzuki uses the latest security products already produced and marketed, the SX4 Hatchback (cross-over) and given the name SX4-FCV. Alternative energy is selected Suzuki hydrogen fuel cells.

Described, hydrogen storage tank developed by Suzuki own. Advantages, plus lightweight and compact sized capacitor can restore the energy lost during car handbrake. Energy is then used to help speed up the fuel cell when the car accelerated.

SX4-FCV hydrogen fuel produce energy is 107 PS. For a tank can be used to cover 250 km distance. The highest speed that can reach 150 km / hour. After the exhibition in Paris, a planned car will dites in Japan on public roads.

For Suzuki, SX4 is a cross-over car which was developed using the four fuel cells and have reached the stage of testing. For the development of fuel cells, Suzuki cooperation with General Motors since 2001. In media also, Suzuki plans to produce cars that use hydrogen fuel cells is as soon as possible.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Toyota Develop Fuel Hot Sun Cars

The fall selling car in the world, even to the annual operating loss since 70 years ago, does not make Toyota Motor Corp. (TMC) stop the project environmentally friendly vehicles. To reverse otomotifnya business, Toyota is now secretly developing a car that is driven by the heat of the sun (solar energy).

This secret Leaked by leading business daily in Japan, on Thursday (1 / 1). Because TMC headquarters holiday, so there is no response from the biggest car manufacturer in the country of sunrise.

In the matter of technology, "green", TMC currently superior than most competitors in the country. After success with the hybrid (Prius) which sold more than one million units a year, now with Subaru Toyota also is developing electric cars. In line with that, TMC is also developing solar energy cars.

For solar energy project vehicles, Toyota cars still rely on electric power supplied from the power cells are installed on the car. On the back, it can be done with electricity from solar panels on the house.

Toyota hopes, the development model of the car equipped with a hot sun can be done in total. Now, try the example at TMC luxury car Lexus and the Camry has been started in the manufacturer of solar panels at Tsutsumi.

TMC with the seriousness of this project, before the cars tested solar energy, is to install the solar panels are the same as the 60 tennis courts at Tsutsumi. That amount is enough to supply electricity to 500 homes.

In addition to the interests of a business that is being fall, this project leads to emissions of carbon dioxide, which is to reduce carbon dioxide as much as 740 tons a year by using the same oil as much as 238,500 liters a year.
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Monday, January 19, 2009

II Wells Lengowangi Leak again (in Gresik)

Efforts permanent cement (cementation some point that the well water by using cement and chemical substances salarin) by the Operating Join Body JOB Pertamina-Petrochina, East Java, Saturday (27/12), be canceled because of Sumur Lengowangi II, who previously get cement, leak again.
Representative BP Migas, Priyo Agus Trinugroho when asking confirmation in Gresik, Saturday (27/12), confirming the delay cementation well as the two wells is leaking again. "While the mud mixed with bursts of gas wells in the first day earlier successfully stopped," he said.
He explains, leak of well this second time due to the impact of pumping solution fluida causing pressure the gas higher pressure to switch to a lower "After a two-point wells brusts stopped, this time the wells that serve a second leak," he said.

Agus said, well after the two points - well, I and II - semburannya successfully stopped, the gas pressure stopped the switch to a lower. Obviously, bursts occurred in the mud pit II.
He can not ensure at cementation will be back at this time because the company is being seen connection (relationship) between the three wells that have been drilled with 23 wells of the age old heritage of the Netherlands. Also mentioned, in the drilling project Lengowangi II, in the Village Sekarkurung, District Kebomas, Gresik Regency there are 26 wells. "We're currently doing testing cementation, and not know when cementatiton will be permanent," he said.
In the meantime, he continued, waiting for the termination of bursts of the two wells in the mud. "After that, the new permanent cementation done," he said.
Cementation own, said Agus, aim to be no more holes in the wells that are leaking at the time that drilled three wells to a depth 2,300 feet. "The goal is to cennected between the three wells that have been got drilled with 23 old wells that have not drilled this. This is to anticipate an outburst in other wells at the time of the three wells get in cement is permanent," he said.
On the other hand, he says, until now, has been 64.1 barrels a new mud get pump to anulus (chasing the rift between the drilling pipe) with a given pressure 200 PSI. "This is to know the relationship with the third well, well, the other," he explains
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mazda Planning Launches hydrogen-Electric Hybrid Vehicles

As written daily Japanese newspaper, Nikkei, Mazda Motor Corporation (MMC) is very pro ambition to launch hybrid-electric vehicles based on hydrogen fuel by 2008. Meanwhile, plans to introduce the vehicle will be announced some time to come.

The daily added, the launch of this as part of the largest of the business plan issued by the country japan car manufacturers, who want to increase domestic production of 15 percent this year compared to the amount of production in 2006.

Later Mazda hybrid engine will be provided between the engine rotari combined with electric motors. Meanwhile, the MMC has to experiment with the hydrogen engine version of the previous years and have created a small prototype of the model tested at the same time try on the road.

At the other car manufacturer has implemented a technology-friendly environment, Mazda is also preparing for the diesel engines for subcompact vehicles newest, the Demio. Later this diesel engine will be made for the European market.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Nexter : Electric Car with cute Design

Manufacturers and designer car this time, not only to concentrate on how to make cars more cost-efficient and environment-friendly but also to find ways how to design such a compact car (usually known by the City Car).A designer from Agotime FOIZON has created a concept car that considers these two things above, that is also environmentally friendly and compact.Cars brothers were given the name NEXTER where the car is using battery power (lead-acid batteries), which can run as far as 150 km with a maximum speed of up to 90 kilometers per hour.Meanwhile, in terms of design, with 2 passenger car is quite compact size as the width of less than 1 meter.The concept was indeed good, but I feel, my car's design is more like a three-wheeled vehicles that we often met in Jakarta , except NEXTER using 4 wheels.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Honda Hydrogen Car

American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Introducing the concept of sport cars of the future newest arena in the Los Angeles Auto Show 2008, California, United States. Concept car is named Honda FC Sport and is no longer rely on machines based on fuel oil. Instead, the car will use the hydrogen. With this ascertained, will be the Honda FC car sport zero emissions. According to Honda, technology, fuel the car was adopted from the fuel cell Honda V-Flow which have been used in the Honda FX clarity. Special FC for Sport, is designed to be more flexible modification easy to do later. As a supercar, FC is designed with a light weight, and postures flat. The mover source, electric motor. With this, on the back of the car no longer gave the impression that exhaust Macho. Also ascertained, car racing is no longer roaring out loud, such as cars that sport now rely on motor fuel. Explained, the cars sport hydrogen this supercar inspired by the current. For that, the body made as light as possible. Thus, the ability of the car acceleration very superior and go faster also able to achieve high speed. Honda FC on this, from hydrogen fuel cell stack. Next created hydrogen is used for electricity and stored in the Battery. When the car go fasten, electric motor will get a supply of electricity directly from the Battery
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hyundai QarmaQ : Plastic Car

Interior Hyundai QarmaQ ADTV: A result of cooperation between Hyundai Motor and GE Plastics. With a body made of polyethylene terephthalat, QarmaQ is an environment friendly concept car equipped with the latest technology.

Hyundai Motor Europe's Design and Technical Center, in cooperation with GE Plastics, launched its newest concept car: QarmaQ ATDV (Advanced Technology Demonstration Vehicle). Inspired by the fact that nearly 7,000 people in Europe and thousands of pedestrian died in Korea due to tertabrak car every year, Hyundai vehicle to develop a strong, lightweight, energy efficient, and safe for pedestrian.

Here are some features that the benefits of a Hyundai QarmaQ this:

* Glass car made from materials polycarbonated GE glazing materials, bobotnya that only 50% of car glass kovensional
* Glass coated by Exatec Infrared Coating that can reflect sunlight and cool summer so that he interior and reduce the burden of the energy required AC
* Bumper cars made from special materials that are able to absorb the energy of 3 times better, so to secure pedestrian
* Fuel supply system that uses high pressure injection technology and fine fuel spray atomization performance of the engine with a higher torsi and optimal energy.
* Technology CPF (Catalyzed Particulate Filter) that is capable of reduction 90% of gas partikulat solid waste
* Bodi car made from plastic Xenoy iQ and Valox iQ car so that weight 60 kg lighter than if the material used in conventional car
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