Friday, January 23, 2009

Toyota Develop Fuel Hot Sun Cars

The fall selling car in the world, even to the annual operating loss since 70 years ago, does not make Toyota Motor Corp. (TMC) stop the project environmentally friendly vehicles. To reverse otomotifnya business, Toyota is now secretly developing a car that is driven by the heat of the sun (solar energy).

This secret Leaked by leading business daily in Japan, on Thursday (1 / 1). Because TMC headquarters holiday, so there is no response from the biggest car manufacturer in the country of sunrise.

In the matter of technology, "green", TMC currently superior than most competitors in the country. After success with the hybrid (Prius) which sold more than one million units a year, now with Subaru Toyota also is developing electric cars. In line with that, TMC is also developing solar energy cars.

For solar energy project vehicles, Toyota cars still rely on electric power supplied from the power cells are installed on the car. On the back, it can be done with electricity from solar panels on the house.

Toyota hopes, the development model of the car equipped with a hot sun can be done in total. Now, try the example at TMC luxury car Lexus and the Camry has been started in the manufacturer of solar panels at Tsutsumi.

TMC with the seriousness of this project, before the cars tested solar energy, is to install the solar panels are the same as the 60 tennis courts at Tsutsumi. That amount is enough to supply electricity to 500 homes.

In addition to the interests of a business that is being fall, this project leads to emissions of carbon dioxide, which is to reduce carbon dioxide as much as 740 tons a year by using the same oil as much as 238,500 liters a year.

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