Monday, January 19, 2009

II Wells Lengowangi Leak again (in Gresik)

Efforts permanent cement (cementation some point that the well water by using cement and chemical substances salarin) by the Operating Join Body JOB Pertamina-Petrochina, East Java, Saturday (27/12), be canceled because of Sumur Lengowangi II, who previously get cement, leak again.
Representative BP Migas, Priyo Agus Trinugroho when asking confirmation in Gresik, Saturday (27/12), confirming the delay cementation well as the two wells is leaking again. "While the mud mixed with bursts of gas wells in the first day earlier successfully stopped," he said.
He explains, leak of well this second time due to the impact of pumping solution fluida causing pressure the gas higher pressure to switch to a lower "After a two-point wells brusts stopped, this time the wells that serve a second leak," he said.

Agus said, well after the two points - well, I and II - semburannya successfully stopped, the gas pressure stopped the switch to a lower. Obviously, bursts occurred in the mud pit II.
He can not ensure at cementation will be back at this time because the company is being seen connection (relationship) between the three wells that have been drilled with 23 wells of the age old heritage of the Netherlands. Also mentioned, in the drilling project Lengowangi II, in the Village Sekarkurung, District Kebomas, Gresik Regency there are 26 wells. "We're currently doing testing cementation, and not know when cementatiton will be permanent," he said.
In the meantime, he continued, waiting for the termination of bursts of the two wells in the mud. "After that, the new permanent cementation done," he said.
Cementation own, said Agus, aim to be no more holes in the wells that are leaking at the time that drilled three wells to a depth 2,300 feet. "The goal is to cennected between the three wells that have been got drilled with 23 old wells that have not drilled this. This is to anticipate an outburst in other wells at the time of the three wells get in cement is permanent," he said.
On the other hand, he says, until now, has been 64.1 barrels a new mud get pump to anulus (chasing the rift between the drilling pipe) with a given pressure 200 PSI. "This is to know the relationship with the third well, well, the other," he explains


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