Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hyundai QarmaQ : Plastic Car

Interior Hyundai QarmaQ ADTV: A result of cooperation between Hyundai Motor and GE Plastics. With a body made of polyethylene terephthalat, QarmaQ is an environment friendly concept car equipped with the latest technology.

Hyundai Motor Europe's Design and Technical Center, in cooperation with GE Plastics, launched its newest concept car: QarmaQ ATDV (Advanced Technology Demonstration Vehicle). Inspired by the fact that nearly 7,000 people in Europe and thousands of pedestrian died in Korea due to tertabrak car every year, Hyundai vehicle to develop a strong, lightweight, energy efficient, and safe for pedestrian.

Here are some features that the benefits of a Hyundai QarmaQ this:

* Glass car made from materials polycarbonated GE glazing materials, bobotnya that only 50% of car glass kovensional
* Glass coated by Exatec Infrared Coating that can reflect sunlight and cool summer so that he interior and reduce the burden of the energy required AC
* Bumper cars made from special materials that are able to absorb the energy of 3 times better, so to secure pedestrian
* Fuel supply system that uses high pressure injection technology and fine fuel spray atomization performance of the engine with a higher torsi and optimal energy.
* Technology CPF (Catalyzed Particulate Filter) that is capable of reduction 90% of gas partikulat solid waste
* Bodi car made from plastic Xenoy iQ and Valox iQ car so that weight 60 kg lighter than if the material used in conventional car

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