Monday, December 29, 2008

Honda Hydrogen Car

American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Introducing the concept of sport cars of the future newest arena in the Los Angeles Auto Show 2008, California, United States. Concept car is named Honda FC Sport and is no longer rely on machines based on fuel oil. Instead, the car will use the hydrogen. With this ascertained, will be the Honda FC car sport zero emissions. According to Honda, technology, fuel the car was adopted from the fuel cell Honda V-Flow which have been used in the Honda FX clarity. Special FC for Sport, is designed to be more flexible modification easy to do later. As a supercar, FC is designed with a light weight, and postures flat. The mover source, electric motor. With this, on the back of the car no longer gave the impression that exhaust Macho. Also ascertained, car racing is no longer roaring out loud, such as cars that sport now rely on motor fuel. Explained, the cars sport hydrogen this supercar inspired by the current. For that, the body made as light as possible. Thus, the ability of the car acceleration very superior and go faster also able to achieve high speed. Honda FC on this, from hydrogen fuel cell stack. Next created hydrogen is used for electricity and stored in the Battery. When the car go fasten, electric motor will get a supply of electricity directly from the Battery


Tey said...

huh, I cant read your post. Wonder what language is this. But I can see the image clearly.
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maxut ellloooo???

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