Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mazda Planning Launches hydrogen-Electric Hybrid Vehicles

As written daily Japanese newspaper, Nikkei, Mazda Motor Corporation (MMC) is very pro ambition to launch hybrid-electric vehicles based on hydrogen fuel by 2008. Meanwhile, plans to introduce the vehicle will be announced some time to come.

The daily added, the launch of this as part of the largest of the business plan issued by the country japan car manufacturers, who want to increase domestic production of 15 percent this year compared to the amount of production in 2006.

Later Mazda hybrid engine will be provided between the engine rotari combined with electric motors. Meanwhile, the MMC has to experiment with the hydrogen engine version of the previous years and have created a small prototype of the model tested at the same time try on the road.

At the other car manufacturer has implemented a technology-friendly environment, Mazda is also preparing for the diesel engines for subcompact vehicles newest, the Demio. Later this diesel engine will be made for the European market.

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