Friday, January 2, 2009

Nexter : Electric Car with cute Design

Manufacturers and designer car this time, not only to concentrate on how to make cars more cost-efficient and environment-friendly but also to find ways how to design such a compact car (usually known by the City Car).A designer from Agotime FOIZON has created a concept car that considers these two things above, that is also environmentally friendly and compact.Cars brothers were given the name NEXTER where the car is using battery power (lead-acid batteries), which can run as far as 150 km with a maximum speed of up to 90 kilometers per hour.Meanwhile, in terms of design, with 2 passenger car is quite compact size as the width of less than 1 meter.The concept was indeed good, but I feel, my car's design is more like a three-wheeled vehicles that we often met in Jakarta , except NEXTER using 4 wheels.

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