Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fuel Air Car

The engine is air-friendly environment with greater energy. The throwed gas only concrete blast cold air -15 degrees Celsius. a number of countries such as the United States, France, South Korea, and India has been developing engine air as a national project. With the "gasoline" 300 liters of air, the average vehicle can travel the distance of 200 kilometers and maximum cruise speed of about 96.5 kilometers Hourly. Experts do-do to develop the car with fuel air. Very friendly environment with low production costs. Can be developed into other means of transportation. Generally, the working principle of this engine air tank on the air high as the "fuel" that is placed under the car. The air then channeled to drive a piston that has been designed specifically. Initially, the air be on the air tanks made from carbon fiber-to 3000-4000 psi (or 200-300 bar). Furthermore, the air is injected to a small cabin. However, the air is diverted in the first heater can be arranged. In accordance with the law gas Boyle, the volume of air in the cabin will expand, which can then be used to push a piston that moves crankshaft. Energy that moves the car.


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